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How do you do it?

If  you could read this out loud to yourself every morning, how would your life be different?

I imagine it would take shape in many different ways. However, you may be too busy to stop and take time to think about it.

I know. Its a crazy, busy world out there and I bet you may be a woman who wants to please everyone or perhaps someone who just can’t say no. You probably feel it is your obligation to take care of everyone and do a good job at whatever task lies ahead. On top of that, I imagine you move your own needs to the bottom of the list…. every time things come up.

This has become epidemic in our culture today and it is affecting your physical health, mental health and your emotional well-being. You have heard the phase “it is sucking the life out of you”.  This is exactly the cost you are paying by not taking care of YOU.

When it comes to honoring your body,  you may have a myriad of ideas on how you could accomplish it.  You may want to lose weight, exercise more, get more energy, focus on a health issue or just feel better about yourself.

It all begins with how you fuel your body.

Fuel can come in nutrition, thoughts, movement, communication, self-talk and anything else we “feed ourselves”.

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