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Why you Should Drink Organic Coffee

Posted on April 13 2018

I have to admit…. I love my morning coffee.  It part of my morning ritual of sitting quietly and beginning a new day. But over the years I realize there is more to coffee that just the taste.

Not only is coffee one of the top two beverages sold,  it is consumed by 83% of US population. Which is why it’s important that the coffee you purchase is not only fair trade, but that it’s organic as well. Coffee that is grown organically, like Javulation, is different. In addition to being rich in flavor and free from chemicals, research has even shown that organic coffee has several benefits for your health, the environment and for the farmers who grow it.

Organice vs. Conventional

  • Farm chemicals such as pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides were determined by various studies to cause cancer and damages to the reproductive and nervous systems. Conventional or traditional plants grown using these methods pass the chemicals in the body and deposits them in body fats.
  • 100% certified organic coffee contains vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants needed by the body for several health benefits such protection from cell damages and boosting the immune system. Pure organic caffeine in strong coffee acts as an energy booster and enhances proper functioning of the brain.

 Environmental Benefits

Unlike conventional coffee, organic coffee does not promote deforestation. In fact, it aids in the conservation of wildlife, birds, vegetation, and the prevention of soil erosion and diseases.

Farmer Benefits

  • Often farmers who produce certified organic coffee are fair trade compliant which guarantees a higher pay rate to employees.
  • Organic coffee beans (including the soil where it is grown) are free from residues, chemicals and artificial fertilizers and are certified to guarantee high quality to consumers. Not all organic coffee has all the below certifications, but the one I found one that does.
  • Certifications:
    • USDA Organic
    • Fair Trade Cetrified
    • Rainforest Alliance Certified
    • Bird-friendly Certified

This particular company is is all heart.   All coffee profits go to Be The Change Foundation – Imagine 100% to Charity! Can’t get better than that!

Here is my offer to help you help others and enjoy “healthy” coffee.   Click here to Buy One Get One!

Can you Change How You Think?

Posted on February 28 2017

For years, I have used mindfulness, meditation, and breathing techniques.  They are amazing modalities to calm and de-stress and I cannot imagine them not being part of my daily routine. But I will admit they don’t always work to change the way I think.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you really want something that you know you can have intellectually but somehow you fall into a pattern of either procrastination or excuses (some of which you minds perceives as very convincing!)  We are wired in such a way that our mind is on auto-pilot when it comes to fears, worries or beliefs.  Its as if it sneaks up on us and holds us hostage.

I found something several years ago that not only fascinated me but took me a while to believe it would really work for me.  To my surprise it helped me pretty quickly. I was able to release my limiting beliefs and now it is another “go-to” when I am find myself replaying negative thoughts of worry.  For me, it comes in handy as a mindset reset!.

It a technique that is easy, not time consuming and can be done any time, anywhere. While some judge it a “woo-woo”, I have found remarkable results in using it to extinguish the very thoughts that can sometimes hold me back from the things I want in my life.

I’d love to share more with you so you too can benefit.

I think you will really enjoy this. Check it out here.

Have a wonderful day!


Is this a Challlenging Time to Start Eating Healthy?

Posted on December 10 2016

fb-cover-christmas-2016As I sat to write today, I had the pleasure of enjoying the room around me. Although I am not a big fan of crowds for big sales., I treasure the the Christmas season. This year I decided to complete my decorations early enough to be able to enjoy them longer.

As I opened the box of ornaments, memories flooded in. Each one reminded me of a special person in my life and the place they hold in my heart. The ones that best inspire me are magic, dreams and belief.

This brings me to the subject of belief.  What stands in your way of your success with healthy lifestyle change?

I hear over and over again how difficult it is to stick to eating healthy over the holidays. I wonder if it is the voice of experience or a voice of defeat? Or have you convinced yourself you really believe you can’t do it?

As Henry Ford said ” whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right”.  This is true! Belief is the most powerful virtue you can hold. It determines you success or failure.

There is no dispute that making healthy choices can be difficult around this time of year. However, if you knew that the average weight gain between Thanksgiving and New Years is 7 – 10 lbs,  would that give you pause? Would you believe that a few more weeks wouldn’t really matter since you would start on Jan 1st?

This is the thing….no one wants to diet during the holidays! Instead, how would it be to maintain and not gain? If temptation of foods around the celebrations is what puts you over the edge, start by being mindful. Just notice what your mind is telling you and how your body is responding. Keep a log of what you are observing.  Chances are you will most likely make better choices.

Till next time… Believe you can!


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