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About Dr. Peggy

Dr. Peggy Gleason is a Certified Integrative Health/Life 

Coach and Nutrition Coach.

She has been a nurse for over 4 decades and

specialized in Critical Care Nursing for 30 years.


During this time, she realized the impact on her own

health and those of her colleagues.  She studied

eastern, alternative, and complementary modalities

in healing to help heal herself and others.

She earned her Master’s and Doctoral Degrees in

Natural Health and founded Nature One Health

Organization to share information about healing  

through natural approaches and behavior modification.

With a whole person approach, she helps women to

overcome the frustrations and challenges with getting

and staying healthy in all dimensions of wellbeing. Her

program "Calm Cravings, Lose Weight, and Make Peace

with Food" has helped countless women. 

She has inspired Professional Women from all over 

the globe to continue their success as professional women

while finding time for living a life of more contentment,

better health and more peace of mind.


Peggy is originally from Nyack, New York and currently

lives in North Carolina with her husband. Her greatest

joys come from spending time with her children and grandchildren.

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My Mission

It is clear that women today need more support and more strategies for them to take care of their own needs to better serve others in their care.  

My mission is to  guide them as they transition and heal from the

trauma of the pandemic. I can teach them one step at a time how to reclaim their own well-being by finding joy and balance in their lives again. They will have more energy, clarity and vibrancy in their own lives and find the time to achieve it.

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